The Irish Mafia is the oldest, most powerful underground organized crime organization in America.

Its history is deep, complicated, and mysterious.  There are many secrets that will forever be buried, but I have unearthed one of their secrets…

At the turn of the century, a personal brewer known only as "Willy of Cork" was taken in the middle of the night from his home.  He was then whisked to Belfast where a boat awaited.  Upon arrival at the Boston harbor at the clock of midnight, a boat unloaded precious cargo of small batch brewing equipment and one "Willy of Cork."

The Irish Mafia loves many things.  Money, love, a great tattoo, their mothers, their wives, and their secret girlfriends, as well as negotiating leverage.  Nothing even comes close however, to their love of good beer!  They risked everything by kidnapping Willy, and it worked out nicely.  They pressed Willy to hand over his recipes or his recipes and his life. Out of options, he handed them over, and was rewarded handsomely for his ideas. He quickly rose through the ranks to become the most respected and influential member.

But it didn’t last forever…

In 1926, a raid by a rival mafia gang sought to seize the recipes. Every mafia gang was out to get their hands on the infamous beer recipes.  But they were no match for the mighty Irish Mafia. Willy was fatally shot by Erin, the psychotic leader of the rival mafia, but he kept his secrets, and hid them shortly before his death. 

90 years later, I found them!

I plan on sharing Willy's legacy here in New York.  I will not stop until I reunite this legacy with my brethren in Philadelphia, Chicago, and Boston.  At the bottom of each of his recipes is one message, maybe a message to anyone that found the stash; "Erin, Go F–ck yourself."