Irish Mafia Loyalty Program 2017

As you all know, the Irish Mafia are many things.  Loyal is first on the list.  We take Loyalty to a whole new level.  We want you to pledge your loyalty to us.  Do it now!

Join Us!    Be a member of the Irish Mafia today!

Earn valuable points for every dollar you spend.  Here’s how it works

Spend over $250 in a 12 month period and you become a foot soldier in the Irish Mafia. 

You will receive a logo pilsner glass and t-shirt and can start working towards moving up in ranks of the Irish Mafia.  This is the lowest position and you will be mocked by the higher ups.  Hey, it’s a start, rookie.

Spend over $500 in a 12 month period and you become a corporal in the Irish Mafia.  

This means that you now have bragging rights over anyone less than your rank and can show off your status by showing your Corporal ID Card as well as your logo Pilsner glass, T-shirt, and 6 pack of your favorite beer

Spend over $1,000 in a 12 month period to move up to the ranks of Lieutenant.  

This is the second highest position in the Irish Mafia.  You will be revered, you will be powerful, you will be a part of Irish lore forever.  You don’t have to listen to anyone…except the almighty “Don” status.  For your loyalty, you will receive your ID card,  a case of your favorite IMBC craft beers, two logo pilsner glasses, T-shirt, and Irish Mafia scarf and patch.


think you got what it takes to be the "Don?"

You will be the envy of every Irish drinker from Boston to L.A.  Your special privileges include a case of your favorite IMBC craft beer, as well as your IMBC “Don” carrying card.  You will receive two logo pilsner glasses, and the Irish Mafia scarf and Patch.  You will also receive the IMBC custom made “Don” t-shirt that only people of your rank can own.  Just when you thought you have seen it all, there is more.  You will be invited to every private tasting party (when we test our new craft beers) for life.  Be the first to try the seasonal, and experimental craft brews!